LeadCommander Tutorial



The LeadCommander Opening Menu provides a starting point of navigation for new users. Once you're familiar with LeadCommander, you can define where you want LeadCommander to open to upon startup... the Opening Menu, a Contact Card, the Calendar, etc.



LeadCommander displays contact data on Contact Cards. Below is a view of the Main contact card. Additional contact details are displayed on other cards particular to the task at hand. You can access the additional contact cards via the tabs at the top of each card.



The Alternate contact card enables you to store alternate contacts and addresses for a primary contact. Alternate contact fields assist you in establishing relationships with assistants or "gate-keepers". Multiple address fields aid in shipping, billing, etc.



The Free Fields contact card provides fields to store information not already accommodated for. You can rename the fields if you like, and all LeadCommander text fields can store 64,000 characters!



Links enable you to store within a contact's record unlimited "pointers" to folders, files, website addresses, and even other programs if you like. A single button-click opens a Link.



Activate LeadCommander's included Real Estate Module to display property fields on the Site contact card. Perfect for real estate, mortgage pros or anyone else who target-markets based on land, residence or building information.

For example: 

- market your services to only homeowners with a property value of more than $400,000 
- market your techno-widgets to only those you can tell have disposable income by their loan-to-value ratio 
- market your wares to businesses zoned for manufacturing 
- market your services to consumers or companies near your business



On the top of each contact, card floats a button bar, which places commonly-used features and functions a simple mouse-click away. Each button displays descriptive text which helps take the guesswork out of what each button does.



To the right of each contact, card floats a Right Status Bar, which is used for record navigation and displays the status of your database. The Right Status Bar also provides access to special functions.



Pre-defined import options for industry-leading data providers make it a breeze to market your wares to new prospects by category.

- Use Dataquick and Metroscan to target real estate property and homeowners 
- Use Dun & Bradstreet to target businesses 
- Use SelectPhone and ConnX to target residences and businesses

You can also import data from other database programs and raw data sources.



Action Plans consist of a series of tasks set apart by a specified number of days. When you assign an Action Plan to an individual or group of contacts, each task is automatically scheduled for the contact(s) and appears on your calendar as a scheduled activity. Action Plans are especially effective when you want to schedule "time-released" activities for contact(s), as is often the case with marketing campaigns and other processes including sales closings, client follow-up campaigns, and special projects. For example, Realtors can use Action Plans for escrow-tracking, while a construction company can use Actions Plans to stay on top of the estimating and bidding processes.



LeadCommander's Interactive Calendar lets you view and work with scheduled activities any way you want.



LeadCommander's Interactive Week View



LeadCommander's contact History Pads are truly unique in that every entry is a separate record. This enables you to search within a contact's history pad for only certain types of completed or attempted activities. You can even search for all histories that contain a keyword or phrase. If you've used a contact manager before and ever tried to quickly view all mailers you sent to a prospect or needed to find the history entry that pertained to a particular fax you sent, you can see how beneficial this design is!



Drawing upon the same design as the LeadCommander history pad, contact Note Pads enable you to store any free-form notes pertaining to your contacts that will help you build fruitful relationships.



LeadCommander includes a built-in Letter Writer that enables you to quickly fire off marketing letters. The letter writer automatically merges in contact information, includes a spell-checker, and can also print your letterhead and signature. Your personal photo can also be placed at the bottom of your letters if you so desire.



LeadCommander's Form Letter Database enables you to store letter bodies as pre-defined letters for use with the built-in letter writer. The letter database can also house pre-defined e-mail message bodies for use with LeadCommander's trademarked E-Merge function.



The included E-MergeCommander Module mail-merges contact information directly into e-mail messages. When sending to a group of contacts, E-MergeCommander sends an individual, personalized message to each contact in the group! Your recipients don't see a list of other recipients, thus don't receive an e-mail from you that looks like spam that was also sent to other contacts. You can even opt to have the contact's name inserted into the message Subject so your message catches their eye when recipients scroll through their list of new messages!



LeadCommander's label and envelope printing capabilities include the option to print postal barcodes for accelerated delivery. When printing labels, the "smart" label-printing feature lets you choose the label upon which to start your label printing job. For example, your last label-printing job used only five labels. The next time you print labels, you can finish off that label sheet by having LeadCommander start printing beginning with the sixth label. You'll save money by using all the labels on a label sheet!



LeadCommander's Call Reports can help you determine whether or not you're making efficient use of your time. Call reports can also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. In a workgroup and project environments, department managers can easily see who's done what, when it was done, and for whom. Call reports can be based on history entries or notes.



Unlike other software, LeadCommander's includes a powerful Replace function that enables you to update records in one-fell-swoop. Simply enter the field you want to be updated for the current group of records, type what you want to be inserted, choose Replace, and... VOILA... all records are updated! Alternatively, you can have the mass-update performed based on a calculation or formula using the Replace with calculated result option.



Do you want more power? Power users can have a group of records updated all at once based on a wide variety of included calculations and formulas. No other similar software even comes close to holding a candle to the awesome power of LeadCommander!